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We are an organization specializing in the production of licenses in Europe. We only produce the Portuguese and Austrian driver’s licenses authentically, validly and 100% registered in the city hall’s database. Even in the car or you had problems with the transport authorities or the police, we will delete it and you will receive a license for lawful use. To check how many points you have, just access the ANSR (National Road Safety Authority) Portal for Traffic Offenses and register. Download fake template from our website.

How to check driving license points?

All driving license holders start with 12 points. The points referring to each infraction we commit will be subtracted from these. But it is also possible to earn points. If no offense is committed within three years, you receive one point for each year, ie 3 points. If on the date the driver’s license is revalidated, you do not have any administrative offense or road crime reported, and you voluntarily attend training courses, you earn 1 point. But be careful that you can’t “earn” points infinitely. In this driving license points system, you can only have a maximum of 15 points in total.

buy legal portuguese driving license that we offer, buy points driving license you have no problem with the authorities, it is produced for official use. Forwards all security checks performed by the police to the control database of the system database. those with an expired Portuguese driver’s license or any other expired European license can renew it directly with our services. You will also not take tests or theory exercises, regardless of whether or not you have previously written. All information, including these categories, is provided. You will also not take tests or theoretical exercises, whether or not you have previously written. All information, including these categories, is provided.

New model driving license / driving license number

Since January of this year, Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda (INCM) started to manufacture driving licenses with a new model, graphics and a computer code, enabling the digitalization of the document and the convenience of drivers. driving license number. In addition to the duplication of the photograph of the driver’s license holder, the existence of infrared and ultraviolet visible security features and a two-dimensional QR Code type bar code, the driving license also includes category T, which corresponds to the agricultural vehicles.

This measure arises in compliance with the standards defined at European level, with a view to providing greater security guarantees, contributing to the fight against fraud. driving license number. It is important to mention that you do not have to renew your driving license for this reason, as the previous models remain valid until the time stipulated for their renewal or revalidation.