What is a Watermark?

what is a watermark

A watermark is a digital symbol applied on art work or images, used as a mean of identification of the ownership to prohibit illegal use.

It is very common for some people to use images taken from Google or other search engines free of cost. They don’t know or don’t want to know that using such images without permission is an illegal act. Most of the images you find in search engines are being used on several websites, only one/ few being the real owners. So, it is crucial to protect your photos from illegal use.

Why a Watermark Applied?

A watermark is applied for the following reasons:

To discourage theft:

Watermark may be applied to discourage illegal use of your photos. Presence of watermark on photo makes it difficult to use and discourages use without permission.

For copyright issues:

Presence of a watermark on photo reminds the user of its original owner.

For identity:

Watermark contains the information about its owner. It becomes a mean of advertisement of its owner/creator. It someone really want to use your photo legally, he/she will contact you and ask for permission. Having no information makes it difficult to track the owner/creator.

Can Someone Remove it?

It is very difficult to remove watermark, yet not impossible. Someone who is good at designing and editing can remove it, but it takes a lot of effort and hard work. Putting this level of effort for an illegal act is very disappointing but still very common. If you need to remove WaterMark We are here to help you! Just Contact Us!

How to Create a Good Watermark?

A watermark should have the following properties to get most of the benefits from its use.

  • Symbol: A symbol is a design which is an identity of your organization/website. Having a symbol in watermark will help others know that it belongs to you.
  • Name: Having the name in watermark also helps in identification of the owner.
  • Website name: Website name will let one know the website from where the photo was stolen.
  • Email address: Email address helps someone contact you if he/she want permission to use it.
  • Date: Date lets someone know when the photo was created.
  • Logo: A logo also helps in identification as symbol does.

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